Here are some tips I suggest you to read before we meet.


I expect you to be freshly showered prior to arrival, or to use the facilities available at my location. 

Trimmed nails, fresh breath, and a clean shave are very much appreciated.

If you are wearing cologne I would prefer for it to be applied lightly.



Please place your honorarium in an unsealed envelope or greeting card marked "gift" in clear sight within the first few minutes of our meeting. 

If you wish to extend our time, please suggest this in the beginning of the encounter and, as a gentleman, take care of the additional time. Please remember that I might be not available to accommodate your time request depending on my schedule.



If there is anything I can do to make our time together more enjoyable please let me know ahead of time

Please advise me in advance if you have any fragrance allergies/preferences.

I do not smoke or use drugs, and I request that you refrain from these things during our time together.

I will however enjoy a glass of white wine or bubbly with you as we get aquainted.



The only accepted method is cash. Gifts and or tips are never mandatory or expected. If you wish to surprise me, I'll accept anything you give me with love.



If you ever need to cancel our time together, please be respectful and give me as much notice as possible.



Privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance for me. I am very professional and discreet with the informations that you will give me. I definitely will not keep your private/personal informations after your screening process.