Thank you for your interest in spending time with me. Here's the honorarium i request for my time and companionship.

• I am unable to verbally reiterate the honorarium by phone or in person, since It's openly listed for your viewing. It is non-negotiable.

• Please be respectful of my time. Any desire to extend our time together is done with prior knowledge.

• Please place the honorarium in an unsealed envelope and discreetly leave it in plain sight within the first few minutes of arrival. You are welcome to insert this in a thank you for your time card or gift bag.

A Short Stay in Heaven

Half Hour 250

1 Hour 350

1.5 Hours 550

2 Hours 650

3 Hours 1,000

4 Hours  1,200

Longer Engagements

6 Hours 1,600

8 Hours 2,200

12 Hours 3,000

24 Hours  4,000